Leonard C. Nelson College of Engineering & Sciences


Moayyad Al Nasra
Department Chair

Zeljko “Z” Torbica
Dean and Professor
Fax: 304.442.1006

Paul O. Steranka, Jr.
Associate Dean and Professor
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Accredited ABET Technology Accreditation Commission

Electronic Engineering Technology

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology (BSEET) program is a plus-two program that builds on two-year Electrical or Electronics Engineering Technology programs. An associate degree in Electrical or Electronics Engineering Technology, meeting the requirements established by the division, is desired for entrance into the program. The program is designed to produce applications-oriented graduates with an electronics background to fulfill the demands created by rapidly changing technology. Technical specialty courses in the curriculum emphasize process control, instrumentation, communications, and microprocessor applications. Course offerings are designed to be consistent with the evolution of energy-related and computer-based industrial needs of the state and region.
Graduates of associate degree Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology programs from other institutions may enter the program directly as juniors based on an evaluation of their transcripts. A number of institutions maintain an Articulation Agreement with WVU Tech. Students that comply with the conditions of the Articulation Agreement may enter directly into the program as juniors. In all cases, an evaluation of transfer credits will be conducted to validate course requirements. This evaluation determines if additional lower division courses will be required to meet the prerequisites of upper division courses in the curriculum.
The B.S. Electronic Engineering Technology program is accredited by the Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202-4102 -telephone: (410) 347-7700.

Program Educational Objectives

Graduates of the bachelors’ degree program in Electronic Engineering Technology are prepared for a broad range of technical careers while achieving the following objectives:

1. Graduates are successful in obtaining additional education, training, or certification.

2. Graduates are able to successfully complete technical assignments both as an individual and in a team setting.

3. Graduates are successful in advancing their careers within Electronic Engineering Technology.

4. Graduates are contributing to the economic development of the area by living and working in West Virginia.

5. Graduates are successful as an ethical professional whom demonstrates behavior and an understanding of the benefits of social responsibility and service to the industry and to the community.

Course outcomes are assessed by exit examinations in each course. Program outcomes are assessed in designated courses.

Careers in Engineering Technology

The program prepares graduates with the technical and managerial skills necessary to enter careers in the design, application, installation, manufacturing, testing, operation, oversight, and maintenance of electrical or electronic systems. Baccalaureate degree graduates are also prepared for development and implementation of new electrical/electronic systems.
Job titles of recent graduates have included: Electronic Technician, System Representative II, Service Engineer, Engineering Technician, Maintenance Technician, Foreman/Supervisor/ Manager, Electrical Engineer, Sales Engineer, Process Engineer, Design Engineer, Instrumentation Engineer, Control Systems Engineer, Quality Assurance Manager.

Plus-Two Baccalaureate Transfer Options

Students who have completed course work or associate degree programs in engineering-oriented programs at other institutions and wish to continue their studies toward a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering technology may do so. Transfer agreements have been established with regional institutions offering associate degree programs. For more information, contact the Chair of the Engineering Technology/Industrial Technology department.